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Winter Theme W.I.L.D Wednesday

What is W.I.L.D. Wednesday? Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been unable to rent Camp Stone for our Wednesdays and we replaced Camp Stone with W.I.L.D Wednesdays. As a W.I.L.D BC School we want our students to learn in a hands on place based model as much as possible. Through this process we Wonder. Inquire. Learn. Do. Our teachers have teamed up to give the students a community feel to their learning and Wednesdays for January and February will be as a group K-5. This month we will be enjoying winter themed cross curricular learning. January 12th students explorEd Winter signals in the forest along the rails to trails. During this time students gained an understanding and compared how people and animals prepare for winter in a cross curricular lesson involving science, language arts, and social studies. They also began building the foundation of a quinzee for a future lesson on snow shelters.

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