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Kimberley Independent School

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

Our school community respects individuality and holds creativity in high esteem; we deliver an innovative educational experience nurturing the wellbeing of our students. 

Our Vision:

We are a vibrant, non-profit, inclusive school community where students are nurtured to learn and grow through creative and intellectual exploration. The Kimberley Independent School provides high-quality academic learning in an environment that fosters positive relationships with peers and community.

Our Values & Philosophy:

We serve students and families in our community from Childcare to Grade 7. Our affordable tuition ensures accessibility, thereby fostering economic and social diversity within the school.

At KIS, students enjoy learning in small classes. They flourish from individual attention and interaction with their teachers, staff, classmates and volunteers. KIS encourages a lifelong passion for learning by listening to and attending to students’ needs and interests. Teachers and other school staff build the students confidence by ensuring that they are learning at their own pace. The school’s focus on core subject areas, daily French Immersion, daily physical activity, outdoor education and 
artistic opportunities ensures a well-rounded curriculum.

The school strives to develop among students a sense of responsibility and self-discipline through age-appropriate guidance and authority. This builds their awareness socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. The school environment facilitates children learning to become responsible family and community members. The intent of the school’s philosophy is to lead students to understand that their choices and contributions will influence the world, thus teaching them to act with integrity, enthusiasm and commitment.

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