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Our Vision

We are a vibrant, non-profit, inclusive school community where students are nurtured to learn and grow through creative and intellectual exploration. The Kimberley Independent School provides high-quality academic learning in an environment that fosters positive relationships with peers and community.

We Look Closer

Our School community respects individuality and holds creativity in high esteem; we deliver an innovative educational experience nurturing the wellbeing of our students. 


Registration Opens:

April 20th, 2021

To the Public

School Age

Registration Opens:

February 16th, 2021

To the Public

Our Approach

KIS is a small, vibrant K-9 Independent school, tucked into the heart of the Rocky Mountain Trench.  We pride ourselves in a loving and caring environment where children feel safe and heard.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the programs that we offer.


Registration Update

Thank you for considering Kimberley Independent School for your child.

Our Registration for school aged students opens:

  • February 9th for existing KIS families.

  • February 16th for the public.

Early Bird Pricing applies to Registrations prior to March 19th 2021.


Our Registration for our Childcare Program opens:

  • April 12th for existing KIS families.

  • April 20th for the public.


We accept Registration in person on a first come, first serve basis. We will add Childcare Registration Forms, Fee Guides and all relevant Information closer to the time. Please search under Programs for more information.

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am thrilled to be welcoming your children back to school on September 7th!  The entire KIS team is excited about having students back for in class learning this year. Our goal is to ensure that all children are healthy, happy and safe. We will help each student set goals and challenge them to grow as learners throughout the year, and we will work diligently to make a difference each and every day to help improve student learning. Due to the pandemic, some of our routines and procedures may be modified during the year. As guidelines change, we will be flexible in adapting them and proactive in communicating this information to you. Please contact me if you have questions and concerns, I will always do my best to assist you. 

To those who are new, “Welcome”, and to those who are returning, “Welcome Back”.

It’s going to be a great year, and we hope you are as excited about it as we are. 

Child Care

Childhood is a time for play, imagination, and discovery. In each of our child care rooms we've created a child’s world, rich in possibilities and unlimited potential. We recognize the powerful
impact that early childhood environments have on children, which is why our program reflects a wondrous world that captures a child's imagination through an ever-changing environment and
learning resources.

Program Details:


Kindergarten to Grade 9

We offer education with a vibrant approach that takes students out in to the community and surrounding areas, to learn, to do and to grow. We think beyond traditional learning and KIS
students are given the opportunity to learn subject matter in deep and lasting ways. This approach combined with daily French and extracurricular activities gives students a solid and well rounded education where students flourish day after day.

Program Details:


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What Parents are Saying

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KIS Did Not Disappoint!

I moved my son to KIS in grade 2 as I wanted him to have the smaller class size. KIS did not disappoint! With an EA in every class and the smaller class, he was able to have more one on one time to meet his needs.

Daris K.


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When Parents & Child Love

Their School.

We choose KIS because for us it feels like the extension of our home. We are grateful for our child to experience high quality place-based learning and the many opportunities to spend time outdoors. We value KIS’ strong focus on emotional literacy and the development of all the  soft skills and abilities that are taught in addition to academics that we feel are contributing to our child growth and make her well-equipped to embrace the world she lives in. But most important of all, we choose KIS because our child loves her school.

Emilie & Herve


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Small Class Sizes & Supports

Each Child's Needs

We were so grateful when we moved to Kimberley to find a school that embraces outdoor learning, has small class sizes and is able to support each child's needs. My son was so excited to learn to read in Kindergarten! The teachers & staff are dedicated to the student's growth and successes; as well as creating an environment that is inclusive, joyful, creative and a positive learning experience.

Bonnie M.


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KIS has been the best decision

Putting my daughter in KIS has been the best decision I’ve made so far. The office staff is always helpful and the school is doing a wonderful job navigating the covid situation.  

As for Lana, she is growing so much.  She is noticeably more empathetic, curious and social. She is a happy kid   She loves her teachers and is having wonderful experiences. I couldn’t be happier and have full confidence that she is getting what's best for her.

Kat D.


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Communication, Outdoor time,

and Even French.

Our oldest daughter is in her 2nd year of Childcare at KIS and she LOVES it!

She has made so many friends and has learned so much. I feel good about her kindergarten readiness both socially and academically. Her teachers are wonderful. I appreciate the level of communication they provide, the time the class spends outdoors, the field trips they take, the classroom activities they plan and execute, and the introduction to French the class receives. When our two younger children turn three we will choose KIS for Childcare!

Erin S.


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Happy, Excited, Dirty and Tired 

The Child Care program has been absolutely incredible. Our son has grown, matured, made friends and learned a lot in the short time he has been at KIS. He is always happy in the morning and is excited to go play with his friends, see his cool teachers, and have fun indoor and outdoor every day. I drop him off excited, and pick him up tired and dirty, just like it should be! 

Danny P.


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